Writen 7/15/97                                                                                    4600words
( The Little Mermaid )
Maxamillian Hart

          A long time ago, though not so long ago that this story is only legion or myth.  But nonetheless long enough that those with exceptional memories may not recall the little kingdom nestled between the mountains, and the sea.  It was a magical kingdom that always seem to have extraordinary thing happing in it. So when a Price named Eric married a mermaid named Ariel only a few eyebrows were raised.
          That small kingdom at the edge of the sea depended upon trade for its survival. And the  young bride named Ariel soon discovered that even a  Prince could be called away to help establish better trade relations with another Principality to the west.  So it was that Prince Eric sailed off just three months after the wedding.  Eric promised Ariel it would be  a short trip of just 3 months.  Well has all women through the ages have done, Ariel smiled has Eric ship set sail on the morning tide, but her heart ached with grief.  She know that many ships never returned.  The months passed slowly, and she discovered life in the palace without Eric was tedious, and boring.  Seemed their was in fact little to do in the small sea port, and despite an invitation to the Royal Palace she wanted to remain where she was.  The sea gave her a sense of security, and peace, and Eric ship would soon return. 
Despite her best efforts the food was hard to adjust too, and the smells, that were common in those days, at times made her noshes.  She insisted upon bathing, something that often brought backhanded ridicule from the more proper members of the palace. Ariel loved horse back ridding, and despite Grimsby objection, rode like a demon through the country side.