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"Aquata," said Ariel in a slight hysterical tone.  Aquata was Ariel sister who lived in the sea with her father King Triton, and the rest of Ariel sisters.  Before she became the bride of Prince Eric, Ariel had herself been a mermaid.  A life she freely gave up for love.  Aquata was Ariel's older sister and she could tell Ariel was upset.  So she quickly tried to calmed her fears.  'If everything at home is alright.  Then your coming here on such a night  must have something to do with Eric." said Ariel.  Aquata turned away not knowing how to tell the news.  She turned back to her little sister drenched and shivering from the cold.  Ariel looked so small and frail that Aquata reached her arms out and embraced her.  Aquata told her the bad news about how Dawn, the sister of, 'Ursula the sea witch' who was killed by Eric when he rescued Ariel. Had captured Eric out of revenge, and that she wanted Ariel to give herself up, to become Dawns slave for all eternity.  If she did, Dawn would free Eric.  Ariel went into a panic, "How do I get to Dawn?  What do I need to do?"  She told Ariel that Dawn had made a potion for Ariel to take, but Aquata refused to give it to her. Ariel became angry, and then she pleaded even begged. But Aquata refused to give it to here, she loved her little sister, and she knew she was head strong and seldom thought out what she was going to do. After a long argument she finally convinced Ariel to seek another way.  One where she would not be bound under any spell to that witch Dawn.  So the two parted after making arrangement to meet again, and Ariel returned to the palace.  She took a long worm bath and then fell into a deep sleep. 
The dream took her to a place she had been once has a child.  The palace of Poseidon.  Her great grandfather, ruler of the sea at the beginning of time.  In fact for many a mer-man it seemed only a legend.  When she awoke a cold chill came over her.  For in her dream she was standing on a rock with the raging sea all around her.  The wind was tearing her child from her arms.  At the same time Eric was being pulled under the water and was calling for help all the while Posidon was laughing.  She know that he always exacted a terrible price.  A price that often cost more then what one received from him.  Still to free Eric I would do anything, she told herself.  Just then the baby rolled over and her stomach kicking her hard.  She felt her child inside knowing it was not just her life anymore, if it was, she gladly give it for her beloved Eric. "What can I do," she muttered to herself, and began to weep silent tears for her beloved.