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life from you," said Ariel.  Dawn reached up and brushed the hair away from Ariel face.  "Don't let him steel away your life Ariel."  Then with a trembling hand she held out a small red bottle.  "Don't let him," she said in a whisper.  Then her hand touched Ariel stomach and a soft worm glow came out of Dawns hand making Ariel feel worm inside.  Soon Dawn closed her eyes and died  in Ariel arms.  Dawns body now seem light has a bubble upon the sea, has if it were only a shell in Ariel arm.  Then it began to rise from the floor has thought a current was carrying it.  Aquata gently took the glass globe.  With in was a small sea and a small ship.  Eric ship sailing on an endless sea.  Ariel held onto Dawn hand has it moved out of the palace and rose to the service.  Their upon the service of the sea it became a thousand sparks of light that fled away to heaven in a rainbow of color.  The globe grew to enormous size driving Ariel, and Aquata further away from Eric ship.  Soon the globe disappeared and for the first time in months a wind came rushing in upon the ship.  The sailors who had excepted their doom now jumped to their feet, and a great shout rose up from the all aboard less they louse the wind.  So away Eric sip sailed away, never knowing what had transpired to it.
Slowly the two mermaids swam back to the summer palace.  AIt would be six more month before her son would be born.  For mer-women carry their children longer then human mothers, for has all mer-people know short pregnancies mean short lives.
So it was that Ariel came back to the palace, and again lived with her father King Triton, her sisters whom she was now discovering a different side to them.  Or maybe she was changing.  Sebastian was delighted in her return.  But Flounder was no where to be found.  For a long time Ariel thought about her life long friend, and what could have become of him.  She hoped he to found a fammily, by now a father many times over, she thought.  For he was a wise little fish who learned from the best not only how to get into trouble, but also how to get out.
So the months past, At times Ariel forgot about the land, but never Eric.  Her sisters tried in vain to spot him.  Grimsby must have told him what happened, she just could not understand.  Ariel even tried having bottles left on the dock.  But in that time no news came of him.  Not in any sea port, nor ship was he spotted.
Has the day came closer Ariel's hart sank, she just could not louse this child whom she