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him.  What did he do promise you Ariel?  Will he make you queen of the seas if only you returned the pearl to him? Did he promise to save your Eric?"  Ariel's  look gave away the anser has Dawn continued  almost motionlessly toward her.
"Ariel put the necklace one, now," shouted Aquata.
"Put it on, that's right, I want you to.  It was Poseidon who gave it to me.  I didn't steel it has he keeps clamming.  He wanted me Ariel.  Wouldn't any man, or god for that matter want me.  But when I rejected him he gave me this thing.  A gift of affection he said.  This cursed pearl that turned my hear has black has it is.  Go on! Put it on.  He told you the power would be yours, what else did he promise you?" "Only a chance to save Eric life," said Ariel.  She dropped her head, "in exchange for the life of my son when he is born," said Ariel
"You poor, foolish girl.  Your just like me Ariel a trader.  You rejected the sea, you rejected Poseidon.  He doesn't want to help you he want you cursed like I have been cursed.  Go on, put the dam thing on if that what you want.  That what he wants, you want to save Eric then put the dam thing on." Dawn said in a cold voice grabbing Ariel arm, she was now determined that Ariel ware the black pearl.  Ariel struggled but was to week to resist her. 
Aquata swam quickly forward grabbed the pearl and tore it from the gold chain.  She swam to the thrown has both Dawn, and Ariel still grasped each other.  There with a heavy stone she smashed the black pearl.  The evil gift that Poseidon had given Dawn at the beginning of time.  The flash drove Aquata back, and the evil manta fled like the true coward he was.
Dawn crumbled to the floor still holing Ariel wrist.  Has Ariel knelt down beside her she saw Dawns continence change.  The evil in her eyes left her, and her face seemed to glow from within.  And for a moment Dawn was again the young madden who long ago incurred the wrath of Poseidon.  "I'm so sorry Ariel, can you ever forgive me."  Ariel put her arms around her and held her tight has her chest heaved with sobs.  For already her beauty was fading like a rose quickly wilting from the scorching sun.  "The globe, the glass globe over on the pedestal.  It hold your beloved Erics ship.  Take it to the service and let it go."  She looked over and back down again at Dawn who was now withered with age.  "What he did to you was wrong, he robbed your