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grand then any she had seen in or out of the sea.  Under the thrown was a small space left by the stones that supported it.  It was their that she hid herself.
Aquata feeling Ariel had enough time to get inside was ready to make her escape when Manta loomed up in front of her.  Caught between them her escape was impossible.  She stopped, and again pretended to be under a spell has she slowly turned back to Dawns palace.  Manta in his rage lashed out at several Sharkanians, they for their part became a feast for the rest of the guards.  So it was that Aquata accompanied only by Manta entered and knelt down before the evil witch.  Yet when Aquata looked up she was shocked.  For Dawn was beautiful.  Her tail was like that of a squid long slender red tentacles, and a hard shell from just below her shoulders added to the look that a great red cape and gown edged in spotted fur  adorned a beautiful young women.  She looked like Ariel only a little fuller in the face and her hair was like fine silver that floated effortlessly in the water.  Only the coldness of her eyes betrayed the evil inside.
"So, at last you come.  For a time I thought that dotting sister of yours wouldn't bring you my message.  How happy I am that your here Ariel," said Dawn.  She left her thrown and swam around behind Aquata.  "You see little one, I hatted my sister Ursula.  Still, you did destroyed her, and I can't possibly let something like that go unpunished, can I?" she said in an overly sweet voice has she ran her fingers through Aquata's wig.  When the wig came away in Dawns hand she screamed.  "You!  What foolish thought gave you the idea you could trick me.  I would have done no more to your little sister then make her my hand madden.  You one the other hand shall discover the depth of my rage."  With that Dawn loomed over Aquata.
At that very moment Ariel darted from behind the thrown and grabbed the black pearl that hung by a golden chain around Dawn throat.  It burned Ariel hand has she gingerly lifted it off Dawn's neck.  Quickly Ariel swam away from Dawn, at the same time keeping Dawn between her and that evil Manta.  "No, don"t.  Please," said Dawn has she seemed once again small and petite. Dawn voice dropped to almost a whisper.  "I had no intention of doing you harm.  Please return the pearl to me, and I will set you all free."  The manta wanted to go after Ariel, but Dawn motioned him back.  "Only Poseidon knew the power of the black pearl.  Only he could have told you about it.  Is that how you returned to the sea?  You made a bargain with