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give birth on the spot."  They both laughed and embraced each other.  It was good being home, she thought. Ariel told her everything that Poseidon had said, and together they came up with a plan.  Ariel rested that day in the grotto has Aquata got everything ready.  That night a gala was going on at the palace and the place glowed brightly in the dark sea.  Even a ship passing over could not help but notice the strange glow deep below.  Ariel watched the splendor of the palace has the two silently swam away into the deep sea.
"I didn't know you had an interest in human things." Ariel said.  "Well at first I didn't, but Father has often gone to the grotto in secret.  Well anyway I thought he'd like it better if it was like, like the way you kept it." Ariel sighed and was silent for a long time.
In due time they came upon the entrance of Dawns' domain.  It was well secured by Sharkanian troops.  "Do you know what to do?, asked Ariel.  ALittle sister, it's you I worry about.  Your not  has fast has you used to be, nor a skinny has I remember.  So don't you take any chances with that witch.  Just grab that pearl and put it on has quick has you can, she wont give you a second chance."  With that Aquata dawned a red wig she had made from sea cucumbers and swam out toward the guards has if in a trance.
"There she is." cried one of the guards.  "Grab her before she get away," said another.  And just has Ariel figured those dim whetted Sharkanians wound up chasseing after her despite the fact she was coming willingly to them.
Aquata acted shocked, turned and fled away nearly has fast has she could go.  Darting back and forth aroused the other guards who were determined to enter the chase.  "Fools! those darn fools.  Why are they chasing her?"  "Moray! Moray," she yelled again has a great manta ray swam into the room.  "Those Sharkanians you hired are messing everything up.  Now get out their and bring me that girl."  He despised her, but his evil heart felt delight in her plans to destroy Ariel.  That same Ariel who kept him from taking over Tritons kingdom.
Dawns palace was an enormous and beautiful conk shell  perched dangerously close the precipice of the great abys.    Fortunately all the guards had gone, so Ariel easily swam in, ducking only once has a great shadow passed over.  In the center a great chamber was hollowed out  A gold edged thrown made from a giant clam shell was a center piece of the room more