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Within the water spout came a voice.  "Ariel! why do you call on me?  Have you not forsaken the gift I gave you.  The gift of the sea.  You of all mortals should fear calling upon the god of the sea."  "Grandfather, I come has your child to seek help in saving my husband who has been taken by Dawn."  "Then he is no more, for she never gives up those to whom she takes."  "Please grandfather their must be a way?  I will give you anything in exchange," said Ariel.  "She is a thief, this witch Dawn.  For she stole a pearl of great power from me long ago.  It is this black pearl that she wares around her neck that binds her spell.  Capture the pearl, and put it on yourself so her spell will be broken.  It will then be up to you to save this human."  The water spout moved closer to Ariel.  "In exchange for turning you back into a mermaid I will take the boy now growing inside you," said Poseidon.  "He will be the ransom you will pay.  As for you, you will remain a mermaid until the child is born.  Afterwards the black pearl will let you become human again.  Do you except?" asked Poseidon    She no sooner nodded in agreement then she felt the change come over her.  She tore off her dress and ran naked into the sea.  Grimsby wept bitterly has he watched her dive into the sea.  Surly they would all be lost. 
At first the cold caused her to cramp, and she felt has if she were drowning.  Finally she let the air out of her lungs and inhaled the sea.  The chill left her has the darkness of the deep fell away before her eyes.  She swam to her fathers kingdom.  She would need help, and Aquata was waiting.  If father found out, she reasoned, he would go into a rage and quite likely destroy Dawn, but in so doing risk Eric life.  The child growing inside needed rest and nourishment, and Ariel didn't have the stamina to go a great distance.  She put her hand to her stomach and felt the life growing inside.  Here alone in the deep, she felt the first strong connection with her child, a bond between them that was more then love, duty, or sacrifice.  What will Poseidon do with the child she wondered, surly he would not harm the boy.  Her feeling were something she could not find words for.  Surly Scuttle would come up with one, she thought.  In time she reached the grotto now desolated.  Inside to her surprise were many object restored to their place, and new one she did not recognize.  She was amazed, who would do such a thing, she wondered. 
"Like it?" said Aquata.  Ariel was startled by the voice coming from the cave entrance.  "Oh Aquata, never, ever, do that to a pregnant women.  For a moment I thought I was going to