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It gave her a chance to see the world, and discover the wonders of nature.  The mountains fascinated her, they seemed so high and clean, and she told herself that she go their when Eric came home..  The more she rode and found her bit of freedom her sweet nature came back.  In time everyone excepted her despite her intolerable bathing habits, and fussy eating manners.  Only the cook still resented her, for it seemed nothing he made ever suited the young princess.  Unfortunately for Ariel the only thing he could cook well was fish, and her being a vegetarian. 
The three months had passed, and Ariel was sure she was with child.  Morning sickness, and the a dizzy spell or two had convinced her.  Yet she kept the news to herself.  She wanted to surprise Eric when he returned.  That  month passed and the next, and still the next.  The weather was turning and no news of his ship came.  Ariel was beginning to show, but she was careful to keep it canceled.. 
One evening just before a storm broke a cry from a guard alerted the palace that a ship was coming in.  Ariel put on a clock and ran down to the dock.  A light rain was falling, but the clouds building on the horizon were dark and ominous.  The ship was at full sail trying to make port before the storm broke.  Has the ship entered the harbor the storm came upon it in all its furry.  The rain blown by strong wind whipped at Ariel dress has she held fast to a mooring supporting the dock.  She could see the men struggle to secure the rigging and work the ship into the lea of the stone wall that jetted out into the harbor.  Lightning, and thunder split the air around her.  It seemed the sea wanted to driving her off, but she would not go.  She just knew it had to be Eric ship, it just had to be, she told herself.  
Finally after a hard battle the ship rounded the stone wall and entered the relative calm of the inner harbor.  Ariel too was making her way back down the dock to meet the ship.  In the wind she could here her name being called.  She looked toward the palace but no one could be seen.  Again a faint call, "Ariel, Ariel" was carried in the wind.  It must be Eric, she thought, and ran for the stone sea-wall, and the large dock. Down the stone step she flew and out onto the lea dock.  The ship was just being tied off, and a few men from the town were there to help.  Again her name was being called this time from behind her.  She turned around in amassment, for she knew the voice, and it gave her cause for apprehension.