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loved with all her heart, but she found no escape from the impending doom.  When Ariel's time came she sought the worm shallows where dolphins often play.  Unlike humans who lie on their backs, mermaids swim with an exaggerated cramping motion to help the mer-child out.  Aquata, and Arista stayed close beside her.  Soon the child was born, and Ariel cut the cord with her teeth.  Already bright young eyes were looking at her.  Ariel headed for the service, for not only must a mer-baby breath the life of the sea, its next breath must be that of the air. For mer-people are a strange lot ever part of the sea, yet in some way forever tied to their beginnings.  Arista swam up and took the child from Ariel who was exhausted.  "So, what are you going to name her?" asked Arista. "Her!" Ariel said in total surprise.  "Yes her, don't you think In know a lovely new mermaid when In see one."  Ariel took the child back and saw a special look in her eyes.  With a knowing smile Ariel held her child high above her out of the water so the wind, and sun, and sky, and even Poseidon would know that 'she' would be forever a part of the mer-kingdom.  Has she embraced the child to her breast to suckle she said, "I will call her Dawn, for the life that was stolen away, and the joy a new day always brings me."  So it was that Poseidon was defeated for it was a merboy he had clammed.
Eric when arriving at the other kingdom  learned that Ariel had returned to the sea, and that Grimsby had passed away on his trip home.  Heartbroken he didn=t return for many years to his kingdom so he never discovered the messages left for him.  Nor that he had a daughter until he was an old man.  Then for the rest of his days he sat upon that very dock Ariel had so long ago waited for him.  Final in his 70's a young mermaid with fine hair like silver that floated in the wind  pulled herself up onto the dock beside him.  She was young and beautiful, and looked so much like Ariel just a little fuller in the face, she had a power that the old man could feel.  Tears swelled up in the old mans eyes has she gently took his hand in hers.  "Father, I have come for you."  The old man was now sobbing, "For me?  Their's nothing for me any more."  She smiled tenderly at him, and a great love welled up inside her has she made him drink from a small red bottle, then pulled him off his rocker and into the sea. 
All the folks on land thought that the old prince had finally cast himself into the sea and drowned.  But truth be told he was transformed into a merman.  Has young and vigorous has any would be in his seventies.  For has all know mer-people live almost forever.  So Ariel, and Eric were reunited at last, and they spent many years together with Dawn.  Who finally became Queen of the sea.  And was said by any who had long memories  that she was the best ruler who ever was and for many who ever would be.

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