Some of My Other Mermaids

"Mermaid on the Run"A mermaid saves a boy from drowning but at what cost?

"William's Story" a Fictional story about a youn man and a mermaid.

To see the Mermaid I got from Malibu Treasures,. . . . Click here!   Here are two more views of my Mermaid lamp. View one and view two.

To see the Mermaid my nephew, Jim made for me Click here!

I got a lot of comments about Jim's mermaid, so here are two more views! Close up #1 , Close up #2

A beauty at Weehi Wachee Springs Florida.   A place to sit at Weeki Wachee.
A stone beauty.   Another stone beauty with a hunk. ;)
This must be close to heaven.
This looks like a good watering hole in Port Townsend, Washington State.
Here is a coffee drinking mermaid I see most days, coming home from work.
Still another mermaid on my home word commute. Do you think she looks familiar?
This is the mermaid in the Evaintm print campain.
Not all mermaids at Disneyland are Ariel, This plaque is at the entrance to Pirats.
This mermaid is in the new "Disney's California Adventure" park.
While visiting the Florida Keys I found this colossal lovely waiting for me.
This is a mermaid tattoo, Caution to parents, R rating here.
Click here to see the Bugletm Mermaid.

Is this a real mermaid??Look for your self! Better take another look.

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