Arielcon Pacifica 2006

First off I would like to thank Anita and Gary for all their work in making another awesome Arielcon. Thank you both!

Because of the unusual nature of Arielcon Pacifica 2006, I’ll depart from my usual format for an Arielcon page.

Friday the 13th:

Little did we know what the day had in store for us as we met in front of Disneyland’s City Hall. It started out as a warm day with a bright sun dancing with broken clouds.

Our first activity was scheduled for 11 AM to go see Ariel at her meet and greet Grotto. When we got there we found out she was not due to arrive till 12 noon. Undaunted we just headed to our next event. A ride on “It’s a Small World”. When we arrived we discovered it was closed due to technical difficulties. Still with high spirits we headed back to Ariel’s Grotto to await her arrival.

Ariel arrived at 12 noon as we had been told. It was a wonderful experience all be it a short one because of the rather large crowd that lined up to see her. Next we went back to “It’s a Small World” to try again. We all got into a boat and headed into the attraction. Our boat no sooner entered the building we ran aground, I did not think those Disney boats would sink. We sank one! The rest of the fleet stacked up behind us one by one with a thump as each collided with the one in front of it. It took 10 min. before cast members came and told us we had to lighten ship. Anita was first to put up her hand when a CM (Cast Member) asked for volunteers to exit the boat. Some of us were asked to change seats in an attempt to redistribute the weight in the boat. We proceeded at a very slow, stop and go pace for the rest of the attraction. Fortunately no one was seriously injured from hearing “It’s a Small World After All” for over 30 min.

Next we headed to “Storybook Land” to ride on a boat called Ariel. Unfortunately it was being refurbished. But the ride went smoothly.

At lunch at Zocola as Anita is giving us our first task it starts to rain. Fortunately it did not last long so we were off on our task just after we would ride Pirates. You would think by now we would have learned to stay way from boat rides. Good thing we did not because it actually went well.

At 4 PM we were to meet at the Plaza Inn for the “Happy Birthday Celebration” . . . It was moved to the Golden Horse Shoe because of the weather!

Janet and I skipped the parade viewing to finish our task, get some dinner and head back to our hotel to rest for the next day. I was exhausted, but that’s why I’m called the Old Man of the Sea.

The next two days went pretty much as planed with just a few minor changes.

Now I’ll revert back to my usual format of pictures of Arielcon.

Friday the 13th!

The meeting in front of City Hall.

The Arielholics and Ariel

The following four pictures are some close ups are of our favorite red headed mermaid Princess.

Ariel and the Arielholics

Oh my, who invited the Lobster Mobster?

No it’s just the newest Arielholic Shelly’s son, Kenny.

Our boat entering It's a Small World with Anita.

Our boat with out Anita.

Philo's_picture_needed_here Anita's_picture_needed_here

Anita being escorted away.

Us (-Anita) coming out of It's a Small World, just a little punchy.

Storybook Land cruse, nothing sank.

Our Storybook cruse director.

The following are some of the pictures from the Happiest Birthday cake decorating. (At he Golden Horse Shoe)

Click on this picture for a hi-res version.

Click on this picture for a hi-res version.

Saturday the 14th

The following group of pictures are from the Animation building at DCA's Hollywood Back Lot where Philo teaches us how to draw a Zoetrope.

This is my copy of Philo's night light and book.

Anita being hooked into a street show on Hollywood Blvd.

One of the Cast Members liked her bling.


Shad and Beth in Ariel's shell.

The prize table at the Sunday meeting.

Oscar, a 50 year icon at the Carnation restaurant.

Philo working on one of his projects. This is unreleased art so I smudged it.

Philo gave this Ursula mask to Cris.

Amy and Adam being honored for their birthday.

Jason Lopez did the art for our T-shirts this year.

Thanks Jason it'sawesome.

Us watching TLM on TV at Sunday's meeting.

If anyone else would like to add pictures and/or comments please send them to me. I'll be glad to add them.

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