Arielcon Pacifica 2005

8 AM in front of the El Capitan

We gave the Manager a card we all signed.

Her is Gary and Margret (AKA Tinker Bell) in the Soda Shop.

Philo and Jason were there too.

Philo and Margret

Margret and my little mer-mate Janet#

The gang with Ariel at the Groto.

Gary and Jason sit on her throne

Ariel sits prity in the parade.

She flips for us, as we do for her!

Philo draws a Zoetrope for us,

of Sebastian

Ariel at DCA's Ariel Groto

Do I need to explain this one?

The gang with Ariel and Flounder.

Flounder likes Cinderella too.

We have a chat with the main dude Crush.

Oh! Venessa almost won the car.

Thanks Anita and Gary. We gave them a Flounder and Sebastian pin of crystal.