Arielcon Pacifica 2004

Oct. 22-24

Anita takes a picture and calls Arielcon to order.
Who do you think Ariel is so happy to see?

It was her favorite fish.
They are both glad to see each other.

Ariel signs Amber's badge.
Arielholics and Ariel.

She is ready for her close up Mr. Demill.
Cris and ShadZ show off thier tatoos

She is ready for her close up Mr. Demill.
This is the Ariel statue at the Disneyland Hotel.

Saturday we met at the sunburst at DCA

Animation head to head between Philo and Jason.
Philo's strip

Jason's strip.
Philo and Jason finished strips.

Philo Barnhardt telling us about mermaid.
He also demos how to draw Ariel.

Next time I'll have the paper so I get to keep it.
Philo signed our books.

At Ariel's Grotto in DCA Amber is visited by Mini.
And ShadZ is goofing around.

And so is Jason.
After dinner we go sea Ariel.

This is our dinglehoopers.
Ariel has selected two winners.

They are Sharry.
And Janet.

Philo gives Ariel a drawing he made.
Ariel with the Arielholics.

Our special Cast Members Benji and Tyler, Thanks!
Before we left I had to get a picture of Ariel and I.

Any time we visit Ariel she flips, sea!

This was just a small sample of the fun we had. If you want more you will have to come to an Arielcon! A special thanks to Benji, Tyler and all the Disneyland Cast Members that help make our convention so special.

One last note: On the way to Arielcon small Flounder came upon a Barracuda. The fish said to Flounder "Ariel don't have de Prettiest voice under da sea." All I can say is you should see the Barracuda.