Arielcon / NFFC Cruise 2007

Our groups both Arielholics and NFFC

Rea Lyn and David

Ariel and I at her statue at entrance to Triton's

The Arielholics and Ariel's statue.

Close up of the statue.

Two story tall Ariel at the amidships elevators.

My Little mermate Janet.

And I!

The mural in Triton's restaurant


The wonder, our cabin is just above the 4th lifeboat from the right.

The Girls

Our group and Ariel.

Heaven, but for who?

Guess who?

Jason at our Pirate Dinner.



Janet and Kendra president of the NFFC.

Gary and Anita

Did you catch the hidden Mickey behind Sahd and Beth? Here it is again.

My skull and cross bones.

Kendra's parents.

Janet and I with the Wonder at Castaway Cay.

My little mermate

And I.

In the Artest's Pallet restaurant the pictures got from black and white.

To Color!

Have some cherries with that Coke!

Have some Coke with those cherries!

This is a gift shop just south of WDW. Lots of Ariel stuff here.

Where I picked up this beauty!

Disney Cruise Line Pictures.

Are we having fun? I would say so!

Lots of Fun!

Dsiney's ships! We were in the big one! ;)

If anyone else would like to add pictures and/or comments please send them to me. I'll be glad to add them.

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