Arielcon 2003

January 24-26

Day One

Thanks to Andy Mation for the Ariel balloon
Wow he made 30

Alex Maher, a Disney artist, draws Ariel
Wow! That's all that needs to be said.

We had to draw Ariel too, prity good! Huh?
Jayson and Randy beat me, go figure.

Me getting the boot from the Prime Time Cafe'
Pin trading with a CM (an inanimate animated character) Pooh

At the gift exchange Gary gets a towel to the dismay of Ainta.

Day Two

Ariel and Eric on their float
Ariel (duh!)

The gang plus Cinderella
Me and . . . you know!

Chris won the "Prity Prity Princess" contest.
Crystal and Marion watching TLM and hand dancing

More dancing
That worked in to a conga line.

Cast members look on in disbelief.
As a kick line forms.

Day Three

The Bronze statue at the Beach Club
Our last get together! Sigh!

A good profile of the bronze
Is she cute or what?

This was just a sample of the fun we had. If you want more you will have to come to an Arielcon!