Arielcon 2000

May 5-7, 2000

Arielcon Officaly Opens with the Banner
The Offical Flag

The Arielholics

"Is that Eric?"
Nope! Just me, Little Mermaid

Anita (aka Floundering,Dances with fish) gitting signed
Keith (AKA Arielmad) getting signed

She can't make everyone happy?
Thanks for the autograph, Ariel

Wish you were here?
Ariel and Eric on their float

"Oh! Is that a Dinglehopper?"
Sorry, It's Anita with our flag.

Me, Ariel (Duh!) and My Little Mermate.
The gang with Ariel in her groto.

Oops, where did they come from?
Just some friends at Disney World.

Ariel in the Parade.
Anita and Luke dancing with the fish.

Ariel picture in the Disney Store.
Ariel and Flounder above the Disney Store.

The statue at All Star Music.
The gang around the Statue.

Not in this picture is Steve, Keith's Mer-boy and Mer-baby

Also not here, our Lorrie, Joannie, Karen, Kevin, and of course Luke,

who are not members of of Arielholics.

Again Karen, Kevin and Luke are not here, they are not real holics.

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